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Mithridate AW21 collection is presented in the form of a digital artwork by Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti entitled ‘Automatiste’. The collection is a profoundly personal response from founder and creative director Demon Zhang to her experience of the restrictive conditions of 2020. Zhang plumbed her subconscious for inspiration, exploring the maelstrom of her inner thoughts. What she witnessed was a transmutative psychological journey, from the vulnerability of confronting fraught memories to the ensuing impulse to cocoon herself and form a protective shell to allow for a personal metamorphosis to authenticity. At a time when travel and external exploration were out of the question, Zhang, Ti, and Catherine aligned on diving into their inner worlds, exploring the collision of inner thoughts, self-affirmation and self-denial.

'Automatiste' is a journey of free association through the protagonist's mind, dreams, memories and non-memories. Surrealists believe our inner landscapes can be revealed through automatic art—a method of creating where you don’t consciously choose what you are doing or make decisions. Instead, you create without thought, and see what arises from your deepest self. This intimate digital experience utilized automatic writing and chance operations throughout the creative process, confronting barriers we usually keep up for protection. You will encounter GAN (generative adversarial network) imagery dreamed up by machines—the artists input collection images into machine learning models to generate new interpretations of the collection. 3D worlds, portals to an immersive 360 lookbook, and discoverable QR codes to XR filters for further immersion. What possibilities exist in our imaginations? What can we dream, dust off and confront? There is an intensity when we live and create in this way, but there are also rich moments when what seemed impossible minutes ago is suddenly staring you in the face.

You can't experience ‘Automatiste’ the same way twice: in the spirit of automatic art, the memories unfold differently every time. Also, like life, there is no Back button.




"Automatiste" by Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti
Automatiste Fashion: Mithridate, represented by CP Concept
Artist Representation of Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti: MTArt Agency
Creative Production: In Good Company
Visual Design: Patricia Covarrubia
3D Art Direction & Design: Curry Sicong Tian
3D Art Design & Animation: Liu Xin
AI Art: Kadine James, Lucy Wheeler and Fabio Rovai at The Immersive Kind Studios
XR Art: Aaron Jablonski
Music & Sound design: Tony Cruise
Web Development & Interaction Design: -99 design studio
Film Edit Creative Direction & Editor: Merlin Ettore
Director of Photography: Tara Violet Niami
1st AC: Paula Crichton
Colorist: Roy Sun
Assistant Editor: Polina Mirovskaya
Art Department: Erica Weitz
Model: Cristina Robu
Model Agency: Photogenics LA
Styled by: Chanel Verdult
Hair and Make-up by: Nichole Servin
Special thanks: Paul Bennun, Lise Arlot’s voice, Eshia Alvarado

Creative Direction: Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti
Production: CP Concept
Photographer: Aleksandra Klicka @klickaphotography
Videographer: Daniel Sims
Lighting Assistant: Josh Showell
Stylist: Fabio Immediato
Model: Maya Gunn @ Next Model Management, Noah Morely @ AMCK Models
Casting: Emma Somper Casting at Gary Represents
Hair: Jason Goh at Gary Represents
Makeup: Sergio Alvarez at Gary Represents


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